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Screenwriters:  Catrine McGregor and Madalyn VanVakenburgh 

Genre:  Family/faith holiday comedy


The Wallaces are a super-hero family: Dad collects, kids watch movies and dress up and Mom is supportive. Social-media star Austin, comes over to watch Alex, 10 and Tripper, 5 when Mom and Dad go to Aunt Molly’s wedding in Chicago. The quick overnight trip, which gets them home on December 23,  is prolonged when the parents get snowed in. Appropriately-named Tripper and her bully-brother Alex turn out to be a handful for Austin, whose typical concerns tend to be how many ‘likes’ his latest StreamTime video got. Their lives are changed at midnight, Christmas Eve, when Santa appears in a selfie video he is making with the kids. Santa hands super-hero costumes to Alex and Tripper, who are instantly enveloped in a bright radiating light. When the light subsides, the children have become the superheroes. Santa explains to them that they have become Grace, who has the power to not only be graceful and safe, but to also sense danger and keep people from getting into trouble. Alex has become Champion, and Santa explains that he is the verb ‘champion’ and not the ‘noun.’ His power is to put bullying behind and become champion the underdog.

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