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Making Sense Auditions 2.JPG - For the first time, an independent film is featuring people in lead and supporting roles who have disabilities.

IMG_3153-178.jpg - The film Paranormal Prison is in principle photography at the Old Idaho Penitentiary and we meet producer Catrine McGregor about spooky happenings - both on and off film.

Focus Eight Photography 

IMG_2564-107.jpg - "Movie producers are taking paranormal activity to another level here in the Treasure Valley. A horror movie is being filmed right here in Boise. But what makes this movie so unique, is the location."

Focus Eight Photography 

IMG_2462-91.jpg -"Paranormal Prison" is a locally-shot film about a group of people who have a YouTube channel and are investigating an old prison. Directors decided the Old Idaho Penitentiary east of Boise was the perfect spooky setting for their story."

Focus Eight Photography 

552450750_750x422.jpg - "Boise filmmaker Catrine McGregor was a close friend to the late Superman actress Margot Kidder."

Catrine McGregor


Jeff Vespa/WireImage/Getty Images - "A dozen cast and crewmembers tell THR that the actor was sent home after the girl told her parents about the incident."

220px-Tom_Sizemore_2_crop.jpg - "Catrine McGregor, a veteran casting director who resides in Idaho, publicly accused actor Tom Sizemore of molesting an 11-year-old girl on a film set in Utah back in 2003."

Jayel Aheram

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