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Screenwriter:  Catrine McGregor

Genre: Faith/family adventure drama 

Awards: Screenplay Award from TrindieFest Film Festival

The story centers around 15 y/o Darrell who has a lot working against him – he’s deaf, a Boy Scout and being raised by his minister grandfather. He witnesses the first Latino on African-American drive-by shooting in the neighborhood. The gang leader kidnaps him to find the killer. Unable to identify him and frustrated, a preteen Latina girl is taken to be killed as initiation for the leader's 12 y/o brother, Sean, and a preteen female friend.

A car accident on the mountain road kills the gang leader. The four kids must rely on Darrell's Boy Scout skills to survive. Darrell's minister grandfather struggles with his faith and Christian-based efforts to counsel gang members. Why waste his time? How can he remember compassion for those causing him pain? In the wilderness, Sean becomes injured and separated from others. The words of his mother, dead brother and the pastor come back to him as he searches for answers alone. Experiences, spun from anger and hatred, end with a deeply needed confirmation of faith for the key characters and a coming together of two communities.


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