HedPE - Overdue

Performed by - Jahred Gomes

Director - Nyk Fry

Producer -Catrine McGregor

Associate Producer - Madalyn VanValkenburgh

OVERDUE was written for Blue Banner Films' PARANORMAL PRISON and is from Hed PE's new Grammy-nominated album, Class of 2020.

The music video was filmed at the Old Idaho Penitentiary site. 

Mark Towner Williams' WORD GIRL

Performed by: Mark Towner Williams and Joe Williams

Also starring: Brooke Burton

Director: Nyk Fry

Producer: Catrine McGregor

Associate Producer: Madalyn VanValkenburgh

Williams' imaginative performance of the song WORD GIRL is a remake of the 1985 Scritti Politti song of the same name

Don't Worry, Dad

Performed by - Mark Hamill 

Director - Nyk Fry

Producer - Catrine McGregor

Associate Producer - Madalyn VanValkenburgh 

Guided by the song, this is a patriotic look at the impact of war to the families of our military, inspired by real events, yet metaphorical and applicable to all. Whatever branch of the military, or which of our world's allies, we salute all veterans. This is a message of hope, and a memorial to sacrifice.

Original song "Don't Worry, Dad" by Mike Hamill. Arrangement: Ken Krukenberg. Sax: John Flanders.

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