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Acting Consultation Workshop

This workshop is for anyone who is an actor or has ever wanted to be an actor. 

Filming a Video

Learn insider's tips from Catrine McGregor an award-winning 40+ year casting director/producer and member of the prestigious Casting Society of America who has cast over 500 films, TV shows, IMAX movies, video games, commercials, etc...

This workshop goes above and beyond an acting class! It's a small group consultation on what you want to learn and grow in your acting journey! 

By the questions you have, Catrine covers a variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • How do you get auditions?

  • The relationship between an actor and an agent/manager?

  • Live auditions vs self-tapes

  • Headshot strategies 

  • Slates (done wrong most of the time!)

  • Breaking down the scene

  • Character development

  • What RED FLAGS are you putting out to casting directors when you audition?

What you want to know and glean from the workshop will be covered so send in your questions in the form below as well as come prepared with anything else you want answered!

"You did a great job of addressing our questions and sharing a lot of information in a short time. Things I didn't even know to ask! I walked away with a full page of typewritten notes. I think that this will definitely help not only with upping my auditioning game, but also my acting career in general. Thank you!"  - Matthew Y. 
Catrine McGregor - CSA Casting Director 
Catrine McGregor headshot.jpg

Catrine McGregor is an award-winning producer and casting director whose career spans almost forty years and projects ranging from feature films to TV shows to IMAX movies to interactive video games. Catrine began her career at Disney Studios after receiving her dual Master’s Degrees and Film/TV and Education from Loyola-Marymount University in Los Angeles. She went on to work on Warner Brothers projects as well as many independent films as a producer and casting director.

Her actual casting company was started when Robert Redford asked if she would come on board to do the Utah casting on Academy Award nominee Michael Hoffman’s film, Promised Land. This project led to dozens more films cast by McGregor Casting, including Salma Hayek and Danny Glover’s directing debuts.

Her passion for actors has led her to work closely with many beginners and celebrities alike, and she is proud to have been an integral part of launching the careers of many faces that now grace movie and TV screens. Catrine McGregor is the co-author of Both Sides of the Desk: A Conversation Between a Casting Director and an Actor which reached the number 1 best selling ebook in its category on Amazon!

The Details:

No consultations currently scheduled 

  • All levels of actors welcome

  • Ages mature 13 to 110

Upon signing up, you'll receive an email with the ZOOM link and
a PDF download of Catrine's  "10 Steps to Becoming an Actor" guide!
"So much helpful information and delivered in such an honest, humorous, down to earth way. Catrine made me feel like I was being coached, guided and encouraged by a personal friend who truly cares about my success. I am so looking forward to any future workshops and trainings." - Tara M. 

If you have any questions regarding this workshop, please contact 

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